Me. Yvonne Vorster Diwiti and Lehawu Secondary Schools attend extra classes at NHS

As an ongoing initiative, Hoërskool Nelspuit aims to share their resources in order to uplift and empower other schools in our community so that they may also reach their full potential. Extra classes proved to be a positive contributing factor to increased pass rates and with dedicated teachers, resources and facilities, NHS is able to continue to make these classes happen.


On Saturday, 3 August, matric learners from Diwiti and Lehawu Secondary Schools attended extra classes in Maths and Life Sciences at Hoërskool Nelspruit. Learners who attended these classes felt grateful for the extra lessons. “We have gained new knowledge in subjects we are struggling with and we can now use the information to pass the record exam,” they said afterwards. “We are now hopeful for the exams ahead,” the learners added.


The teachers also felt a sense of accomplishment as the learners were eager and enthusiastic during the lessons. NHS also recently hosted another winter school for SACTWU (Southern African Clothing and Textile Workers Union) members’ grade 12 children. “The purpose of the winter school is to prepare learners for the upcoming record and final exams,” said NHS deputy head Mr. Willie van der Merwe.


These are but two of many projects that NHS embarked on to assist schools in the development of academic, sport and other spheres of education. The school also strives to cultivate an attitude of service among Nellie learners by way of various charitable projects they are able to attend during the school year.